Hotel Victori en Menorca


Beautiful fisherman’s harbor situated in Es Castell that will not leave you indifferent, a magical setting with a sense of peace and tranquility and the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Here you are able to wander around the bars and their terraces, the restaurants and handmade craft shops found in the caves or the market stalls.

Just a few steps from Cala Fonts you will find Cala Corb, a very small cove which comes alive at night with the bars offering direct music and why not try the Pomada, the local, typical Island drink.

Another unique area en Calas Fonts is the “Puerta de Eos”, the place where the first ray of sunshine over the whole country appears, a special personal experience where one can connect with oneself and with nature during this magical moment.

Hotel Victori en Menorca


Visit the crystal clear waters of Menorca and enjoy the beautiful settings. Travel the North coast and its beaches of red sand or relax on the beaches and coves on the south coast with their fine white sand.

A few minutes from the hotel, you will find the heavenly beaches, Sa Mesquida or the beach of Punta Prima, Binibeca or Bindalí. Travel the “Cami de Cavalls” until arriving at the small cove of Es Rafalet or Es Calo Blanco, small hidden places well worth visiting.

Hotel Victori en Menorca


On the Menorcan landscape, the famous lighthouses stand out, situated in natural areas surrounded by wind and sea that converts them into unique spots. Two can be found on the East of the Island, Favaritx and that of the Isla del Aire.

The lighthouse at Favaritx is situated on the northeast of the island, 17 km from Mahon. Built in 1922, using stone from the local area. Because of its appearance and integration into the surrounding area, it has become of one of the most attractive lighthouses on the Island.

On the other hand, from Punta Prima you can see the “Isla del Aire”, a well-known island full of biodiversity and nature where the admired Lighthouse of the “Isla del Aire” can be found. Although it is the most difficult to access, your arrival across the sea makes the visit so much more memorable.

Hotel Victori en Menorca


Menorca is an island full of culture and tradition. Actually, there are numbers of deposits left from the Talayotic era. Characterised for being strong structures made from large stone, hiding a past and a history that will surprise visitors. Settlements can be found all over the Island including whole Villages which have been well conserved.

The Archeological settlement closest to the hotel is the “Talati de Dalt”, a Talayotic village integrated into the natural surrounding landscape. The highlight is the monument of the “Taula”, a very important religious element from the era, also, there can be found different constructions such as houses or Talayots.

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Hotel Victori en Menorca